Old School Charm

We have nine cab­ins with fully equipped kitchens and pri­vate bath in sev­eral small build­ings with two or three per build­ing. Each cabin has a large porch with a pic­nic table, out­door lounge chairs and bbq grill. They are clus­tered around a main area that has the camp­fire, the bas­ket­ball court and out­door ping pong table and lots of tables and chairs for hang­ing out. For those who desire soli­tude, pri­vate benches and lit­tle paths are scat­tered through­out the prop­erty.

Cot­tage style cabin with free­stand­ing fire­place

Cot­tage style cabin (max. 4 adults & 1 child) 

Stu­dio style cabin

Cot­tage style cabin (max. 4 adults & 1 child)

Cabin Styles

We have two styles of cabin, cot­tage style and stu­dio style. (Please know that none of our cot­tages have air con­di­tion­ing.)

The cot­tage style cab­ins all have three rooms — a vin­tage kitchen, a cozy bed­room with a queen-bed and a small sit­ting room and are in two unit build­ings. Four of the cot­tage style cab­ins can accom­mo­date up to five as they have a full-sized con­vert­ible couch and a small child-sized bed in the sit­ting room and two of these units are also dog friendly (woof!) Two of the cot­tage style cab­ins only accom­mo­date four peo­ple but they have wood-burning stoves. Cot­tage style units aver­age around 360 square feet.

The three stu­dio style units share one build­ing. Each has one large room that con­tains the kitchen, a queen-sized bed and a full-sized con­vert­ible couch. They all have wood-burning stoves. These units aver­age 320 square feet but have larger bath­rooms than the cot­tage style units.

Please know that while we pro­vide linens we don’t pro­vide daily maid ser­vice.  Because we are a small resort we do not have a restau­rant or snack bar and guests pre­pare all their own meals. We do ask that at the end of their stay, guests clean and put away all dishes.

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